Research Highlights

As global pioneers of fertility treatment, the Monash IVF Group continue to excel in the discovery and validation of ground-breaking research to improve the patient experience and increase successful outcomes.

Scientific Firsts

The Monash IVF Group has been achieving outstanding Scientific Firsts since 1958, including the world’s first IVF pregnancy in 1973.

2021Monash Group launched the first at-home genetic carrier screening test connected with a fertility service
2021Monash Group Fertility Specialist became the first Australian elected as President of the World Endometriosis Society
2019Monash Group delivered Australia’s first baby born using PIEZO microinjection technology
2014Monash Group achieved Australia’s first PGS pregnancy from ‘Next Generation’ sequencing
2013Monash Group achieved Australia’s first pregnancy from frozen ovarian tissue re-implantation
2010Monash Group Fertility Specialist became the first Australian elected as President of the International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) from 2010 – 2013
1999Monash Group achieved Australia’s first birth from a frozen egg
1996Monash Group achieved Australia’s first successful open testicular biopsy to treat severe male infertility Monash Group achieved Australia’s first birth of an embryo biopsy baby using Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)
1995Monash Group achieved Australia’s first blastocyst baby after in-vitro maturation of human primary eggs
1993Monash Group achieved Australia’s first single sperm microinjection pregnancies
1992Monash Group achieved world’s first microinjection intrafallopian transfer pregnancy
1989Monash Group achieved world’s first birth following intra-fallopian insemination of spermatozoa from a male with obstructive azoospermia
1988Monash Group achieved Australia’s first IVF surrogate birth (one of the first in the world)
1987Monash Group developed the world’s first sperm microinjection technology; paving the way for the development of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatment
1985Monash Group achieved world’s first pregnancy and birth from a sperm retrieval operation (for a blocked sperm duct)
1984Monash Group achieved world’s first birth from donated eggs
1983Monash Group achieved world’s first frozen embryo birth
1981Monash Group achieved 15 pregnancies using stimulated cycles in IVF (representing the 4th to 12th births in the world)
1980Monash Group was the first group in the world to use stimulated cycles with clomiphene citrate
1980Monash Group delivered AUSTRALIA’S FIRST IVF BIRTH
1973Monash Group co-joint team achieved WORLD’S FIRST IVF PREGNANCY
1958Monash Group commenced an ovulation stimulation program in Australia

Peer-reviewed Publications

Promoting national and international research collaborations with clinicians and scientists, ensures the continuous output of high-quality publications which have been expertly assessed on concept, methodology and findings.


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