Our People

The Monash IVF Group recognises that the success of each business is a result of their team of highly skilled, committed and passionate people focused on achieving the best outcomes for patients.

The Monash IVF Group has a world class internal quality assurance program and competency review system which supplements the reviews performed by the reproductive treatment authority committee (RTAC). We quantitatively and qualitatively monitor and control every aspect of the IVF process to ensure our specialists, nurses and scientists consistently provide the highest quality care and our technology performs at the highest level. These comprehensive measures ensure all patients have the best possible opportunity of achieving their dream of having a family.

The Monash IVF Group pride themselves on a multi-disciplinary team approach consisting of Fertility Specialists, Sonologists, Fertility Nurses, Scientists, Counsellors and Patient Coordinators who work closely with their patients to achieve the best possible chance of success.

Our Fertility Specialists

The Monash IVF Group is proud to have a team of highly skilled and experienced Fertility Specialists. Many of our Fertility Specialists also have additional formal post-graduate qualifications in reproductive medicine (CREI), testifying to their dedication and expertise in the area of reproductive medicine.

Our Sonologists

Monash Ultrasound for Women Sonologists bring extensive knowledge and experience in obstetrics and gynaecology to the discipline of diagnostic imaging. They are also of the highest calibre, with many dedicating 10-20 years to the profession.

Our Scientists

The Monash IVF Group prides itself on its highly skilled and experienced group of scientists comprising of embryologists, geneticists, andrologists and endocrinologists.

Our partnerships with universities such as Monash University allows our embryologists to remain at the cutting edge of scientific research and thus provide the most advanced infertility treatment available. The wealth of local and international experience provided by our dedicated group of scientists is the backbone of clinical investigation, diagnosis and achieving among the best pregnancy rates in the world.

Our Nurses

The nurses who work within the Monash IVF Group are all highly skilled professionals and have all specialised the field of fertility and IVF. Our nurses are key in managing a patient’s treatment program, are a familiar contact at all stages of a patient’s journey and are there to ensure each patient experience is as stress free as possible.

Our Counsellors

The fertility clinics within the Monash IVF Group have a professional team of fertility counsellors comprised of psychologists and social workers. They work closely with other members of the team to maintain their scientific knowledge and to educate staff about the psychological aspects of infertility.

Fertility counsellors are available at all stages of the treatment process as we recognise that undergoing fertility treatment can be a challenging and stressful time for our patients.