Repromed is a leading fertility treatment and research clinic in South Australia and the Northern Territory. They understand that infertility can be an emotional journey, and will do everything they can to minimise a patient’s stress. They pride themselves on practising a ‘small team care’ philosophy to ensure a dedicated group of expert staff support patients through their journey.

In South Australia, Repromed has its own purpose-built day surgery and laboratories on-site and has comprehensive testing services in both South Australia and the Northern Territory. When undertaking IVF in South Australia Repromed has the ability to test the genetic normality of an embryo.

Repromed also has active research and development programs in South Australia. Their scientists and doctors have made major contributions to industry knowledge about the causes of and treatments of fertility problems. With over 15 years' experience and impressive pregnancy rates they can give patients the best chance of realising their dream of having a family.

To learn more about Repromed, please visit their website.