Monash IVF

Monash IVF is a leading fertility research and treatment centre in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. They continue to achieve many world firsts in IVF and related technologies since the work of their pioneers who achieved the first IVF pregnancy in the world in 1973.

Their team of doctors and scientists have earned outstanding international reputations for their contributions and successes in the field of human reproduction. Monash IVF actively supports research and development in reproductive medicine.

The Monash IVF Research and Education Foundation comprises high profile specialists with outstanding international reputations, enabling new technologies to be delivered to their patients as soon as they are available.

With over 50 years' experience and impressive pregnancy rates Monash IVF can give patients the best chance of realising their dream of having a family. Monash IVF have clinics throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. To learn more about Monash IVF please visit their website.